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1 on 1 - Healing Session 

This session is completely individualized, and is different molded every time - based on what you need for your spiritual evolution and path for the moment. Unique codes, activations and templates from the higher dimensions of the Universe are transmitted and installed during the session.  

The healing is High Frequency, works on a Multidimensional level and is profound Transformative.  

All is welcome to book this one.   


Twin Flame Healing Session 

This session is for you who are on the Twin Flame journey, or if you have met a high level soul connection. 
During this session we are working with balancing DF and DM templates and programs, We work both with your own highest soul light and your Divine partner's highest soul light during the session, to help you both on the path to inner union. 
As twin flames and soul connections are often very advanced souls & starseeds - Important activations of new templates and programs from the higher dimensions of the Universe are installed and activated during the sessions. 

The Twin Flame Journey can be very painful, so we work to comfort - relieve and lift the pain on an energy and on a multidimensional level.  

(This session can also be combined with intuitive guided conversation and support around this specific topic). 


1 on 1 - Intuitive Conversation Session  
This is a completely unconditional and open conversation who lovingly guides and supports you on your inner journey and healing path. 
I use my clairvoyant mind and my intuition to read your individual situation and to guide you further and deeper. 
Based on what comes up during the conversation - we do a shorter individual adapted healing and clearaing at the end of the session. 

Group Sessions 
I channel healing, download high frequency energy, transmit light codes, set intentions, and do activations for larger and smaller groups. 
If you facilitate Yoga classes, Spiritual Events, Spiritual Parties or Retreats.. Feel free to contact me for collaborations :) 


15 minutes 500 KR / 50 EUR

30 minutes 950 KR / 95 EUR

45 minutes 1500 KR / 150 EUR

60 minutes 1900 KR / 190 EUR


Payment via swish 1230271916

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