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Kind words 

Kind words from my clients

Healing comes in various forms and tools...on my own healing and ascension journey I have received the most powerful and deeply transformative healing from my healer and friend Maria. She works on a multidimensional level and heals beyond time and space and through multidimensional realities. During our last session she lifted a very deep-seated load of heavy sadness and grief that was blocking me and my twinflame. A deep layer if grief that has been accumulated during several lifetimes. Despite years of healing through different modalities, this flood of grief had lied untouched until recently. It was an emotional moment and it felt like a milestone was reached. Maria has an incredibly strong healing ability and I can warmly recommend her for anyone with any unresolved issues. 


Dear Maria, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful, transformational healing session yesterday. I felt safe, held and recived. It became abundantly clear later that evening why the session had to be held at that specific time. I gained clarity on some things I had been questioning, as well as a full energy cleanse. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you taking on the energy to hold space for me. You hold such wonderful, powerful energy, delivered with gentleness. Sending you much love


Wow, what an experience we had today, as I said, it's hard to take it all in. It was upheaval and sometimes emotional for me to be part of this, it brought up a lot of wounds that I partially know about and am trying to work with but obviously haven't cleaned out. Really appreciated the small intimate format and the healing energy of your lovely house. By the way, who put the portal there? 
Anyway, many thanks for this special day and I look forward to following up with a session of my own with you.

/sven- (participants in one of my retreats 


I was invited to do planetary energy work with such a powerful souls. The things we can do when we get together with other humans is so incredibly amazing. The healing and the activations that came through was really POWERFUL. I am beyond grateful that I was invited to Maria and her magical house. Wow, what a gift you are to this place. Thank you from my heart to yours.  



Hi Maria Hope all is well with you! 
So much positive has happened in me since the healing, so I would love the opportunity to book another session. Warm greetings



I am eternally grateful for all the energy and time you put into this. So nice to meet you. Your activation was one of the most powerful I have experienced. 
You are amazing



Last year I started to go on twinflame sessions at mariahealer . This has changed my life for the better, Life-saving. She came into my life when I needed it most. Thank you for being there I am so thankful for every healing session /Melina 


I feel so grateful to have found you. It feels meant. I don't really know what I would have done otherwise. Thank you so much! In all the madness, I can still feel more Normal.  
I also notice things happening in my Twin Flame. The healing has kicked off powerfully!  



Yesterday I had another highfrequency energy healing session by Maria. Im not sensitive to energys even though I work with it, but this I can really feel and also the changes in my body and mind, a few things she did was to remove blockages, transform energies and frequency upgrades.  



You are a fantastic Healer! I Can really recommend to book a healingsession with Maria! /Anna Karin  


Wow, wow, wow. I just want to say thanks for all the good stuff you share! Goosebumps! I myself work with physics and energy research in a lab, and wish I had colleagues like you  



Hi Maria, how are you? I have listened to the Healing several times now and things are happening in the body! So Cool! You are really skilled!  



Beloved Maria  
I am forever grateful to you for your openness. You are a true wayshower.  


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